Just Drive

My Mom and I recently made a little detour to the Grand Canyon on our road trip back from California. In my 25 years of life as a US citizen I felt it my obligation to make the trip, and even though as a family we're not great surveyors of nature, my mom graciously agreed.

We packed up my parents' car, popped in a book on tape, and took a million photos.

I was planning on writing some great analogy about road trips and heading toward a destination. But instead, on this Mother's Day, I'm just going to share a little advice my Mom gives me.

You don't have to overanalyze everything. Often the most important thing you can do is move forward without dwelling on the past. And sometimes...you just need a drive.

PS- You can see more photos from this trip under the photography section.

No joke, this was my Mom's favorite part—Mexican Hat rock. Can you see it?