Just a glimpse (Photo Blog)

On my recent trip to Haiti my team talked about how God is in the business of redemption—He redeems hard situations in our lives in ways we could never have imagined in the midst. Sometimes He heals pain and confusion by using it to teach or shape us. Sometimes He uses others to help take that pain away. And sometimes He just graciously allows us to forget.

Since my first visit to Haiti over a year ago I've been wondering how God will redeem the hurt this country has endured. A hurt so deep that it seems to penetrate every area of life—physically, spiritually and relationally. I walked away from this visit without a clear answer as to how everything will be redeemed, but a strong assurance that God is in the process of redeeming. I see glimpses of it everywhere—through the local heroes He's elevated to love others well; through a generation being raised up to live for Him and love others; through families who are trying so desperately to care for their children; through people who have a heart for the world. I'm encouraged by the work God is doing, but even more so I'm encouraged by the work I know He is yet to do.

Here are some of the glimpses I was blessed to see in Haiti last week with our Help-Portrait team.