Listening for the lonely

Someone recently asked me what the hardest part of my job is.

Without hesitation, I responded that it's having such a passion for something others don't understand or worse yet, don't care to understand.

I've realized it's one of the hardest parts of life in general.

We all have these things we love and care deeply aboutjobs, hobbies, people, animals, food.  When others fail to share our common interest, that's where we find a deep loneliness.

A loneliness in the feeling that although you have a voice, it's not being heard.

But, instead of stopping to listen, we get so caught up in making ourselves known that we just end up shouting over each other.  Desperately trying to be heard by people without the ability to hear.  And this lack of listening, of hearing, of being able to communicate and celebrate what each other are doing, creates in us a feeling that people don't believe in what we're doingand deeper still don't believe in us.

What a terrible lie this mess has madethat the goodness of your life is based on how many people listen.  Your life is worth so much more.

I wish I could stop writing here.  But, there's another side to this truthone that's a bit harder for me to swallow.

How often am I that person?  The one shouting instead of listening, unfeeling and uncaring about things that tug so deeply at others' hearts.  How often does my listening turn into simply networking?  It's a selfishness that becomes so clear to me as it cracks the walls of the Kingdom.

And I don't have an answer to fix this because there is no easy fix.  I've realized, all I can do is go through life one by one not only speaking truth, but listening to the truth in others' hearts as well.