That awkward conversation

When I meet new people, this is usually how the conversation goes:

Stranger: “What do you do?”

Me: “Communications for a nonprofit.”

Stranger: “Oh, what nonprofit?”

Me: “VisionTrust.  We do orphan outreach and work with at-risk kids around the world.”

Stranger: (awkward smile) “Oh…that’s cool.”

Me: “Ya, I really like it…”

And then the conversation dies.  Because they feel uncomfortable, afraid if we keep talking I’m going to ask them how much they’ve donated to nonprofits in the past three years or if they know that 10 children have died from preventable disease during our conversation.

The truth is, I work in the field I do because it’s what I’m passionate about, not because I feel guilty. And full disclosure, I want others to be passionate about it too, but not because they feel guilty either. I want them to be passionate because they can make an actual difference.

I think that’s part of why I love Latte Losers so much.

In college I spent two months in the Philippines working with kids in the slums and it changed my world. I want other college students (and just people in general) to see they can make a difference, even if they don’t have enough money to go on a trip…especially because they don’t have enough money to go on a trip.

In some of the countries where VisionTrust works, $5 can feed a child for a month. That $5 is actually feeding a living, breathing kid who needs food…it’s not feeding some statistic. And the best part is, it’s so easy. 

(Cue shameless plug.)

In fact, on April 25th, we’re all giving up our latte, hot chocolate, tea, etc. together. And I’d love for you to join us. But, not because you feel guilty.

Join us because $5 not only empowers a child, but because it empowers you too.