This one's for Africa

I'm going to Zimbabwe. And it's happening in less then 2 weeks. Holy cow.

Here's the truth. When I started working for VisionTrust and learning about all the sweet countries we're in around the world, I became attached to Zimbabwe. It was the one place I really wanted to go with VisionTrust. If I had a bucket list, it would be on it. Why? Well...

In 2006 the UN stated Zimbabwe has the highest amount of orphans per capita in the world. It is estimated that they have an unemployment rate of 95%. 68% of their population live below the poverty line. It has the 5th highest death toll due to AIDS when compared to every country in the world.

All of these reasons make me want to go.

Plus look how cute these kids are! This is a picture from our VisionTrust project in Zim.

I want to go and love these people. To wrap my mind around the fact that they are not a statistic. To share their stories and live in their shoes, even if I only get to see a tiny glimpse. To help, even if it's only a drop in the bucket. To learn from them. To encounter poverty and what it looks like to truly have a positive impact in a community.

When my boss said we were going to Zimbabwe I was beyond excited, beyond thankful that God clearly put this opportunity in my path. We're going because VisionTrust is in the process of launching a 5 year sustainable program called Million Meals. The gist of the program is to partner with chiefs and villages in remote areas to feed children long-term. If the villages agree to work with us, we'll feed the kids 5 days a week the first year while teaching them sustainable agriculture and leadership. The next year we'll feed the kids 4 days a week and the village will feed them 1, then us 3 days-the village 2, etc. until we're no longer feeding the children and the village is self-sustaining.

Awesome right? So, my boss, three others and I are going to hear stories, take pictures and gather more information on how the project is going and how it'll move forward. Our hope is with this information, people in the US will be moved to help once we officially launch the program.

I would love your prayers for energy, boldness, patience, safety and anything else you can think of as I embark on this adventure. I'll share stories here, so be sure to check back.