Hey, I just met you?

The other morning I went for a run. Keep in mind,

I am not a runner, so this was more of a leisurely 10-minute jaunt in the small circular park by my house...the park directly in front of a high school where it seems you're more likely to catch a disease from uncomfortably intimate teenagers than break a sweat.

Anywho, this morning I was running along when I saw an old friend walking his dog. We made uncertain eye contact and he stopped. So, I run up and the conversation goes as follows:

Me: Hi! How are you?

Then to the dog, 

Hi! In an extra high-pitched, why do people talk to animals in this way, sort of voice?

Him: Good, how are you?

Me: Good! So, you just moved to Denver?

Still looking down and petting dog.

Him: Yep.

Me: When?

Him: January.

Me: Awesome. Where do you live?

I look up from the dog and note that I can't see his face, so I shield my eyes and squint a little. 

Without the glaring sun I now notice that this guy is blonde...my friend's hair is black...

Him: In the blah blah apartments down the road (motion to the right). Where are you living?

Come to think of it, even though it's morning, his voice is much too deep...and he's not as tall...or as skinny.

Me: Vague street number intersection. So close. 

I don't know you!

Him: Ya.

Me: Well it was good to see you. 

I just told a stranger where I live.

Him: You too! 

He says to my back because I'm already running away blushing.

Do I know you?

From there I cut through the middle of the park (on the plus side, awkwardness allowed for a shorter run) and sprinted home as fast as I could just to double check it wasn't my friend.

It wasn't.

Lessons to take from this:

1) People walking dogs frequently pause in parks. That does not mean they are stopping to talk to you.

2) You can convince almost anyone they should know you. And now this poor guy is walking around feeling terrible that he can't remember this girl he should know...or more likely he has forgotten about the whole exchange because he's a normal human being.

3) Running leads to awkward moments and probably shouldn't be done in vulnerable sleepy morning states...or ever.