Dominican musings: Day 1

These are my go-with-the-flow musings from my first day in the DR, right before we picked up the team. More specific posts about the trip itself are to come...

We're inching our way through a market right now, headed to get the team at the airport. Every second I'm convinced we're going to hit or get hit by a car or motorbike. There are tons of shoes for sale. Nice shoes sold in white, creased, falling apart boxes. I'm not convinced they have all have sides. They're boxes that would be thrown away in the US.

In the front of the bus Adam (my co-worker) and the bus driver are having a conversation in Spanish. All I've pulled from it is "chiquita," which instantly makes me think of the banana. I need to learn Spanish. I literally felt like Adam's little son Ben was Diego (the boy version of Dora the Explorer). He would speak to me in Spanish and then English so I could learn. Today I learned cake is "pastel" (can't wait for that one to come in handy). Now Adam and the bus driver are talking about Whitney Houston. Honestly I need to pay more attention to my Spanish podcasts.

The structures here are similar to the Philippines and Guatemala...concrete with bits of colors and tin corrugated roofs. It's so lush and green, but trash and pot holes liter the highway. Maybe it's not so much pot holes as this bumpy bus. But, the view, oh the view. The highway takes you right along the ocean. The horizon, which seems so clear everywhere else I've been, is foggy where the sky meets the water. An unclear horizon...a little life-like don't you think?

Oh the airport is calling! More stories to come.