Guatemala Day 3: Today I Met Victor

Today I met a Victor.

He caught my eye because one of the teachers was bathing him in the sink. Turns out they do it for kids in special cases and they said Victor was a very special case.

His little belly sticks out a bit from worms and when the teacher turned away after spoon feeding him de-worming medicine, he spit out as much as he could. Apparently, even with lemon juice, it tastes terrible (so I can’t really blame him).
Victor bathing in the sink

He’s four years old and people see him wandering the village on his own. His mother isn’t around all day, leaving him and his two year old brother to fend for themselves. An old woman takes care of him, but they’re not sure who she is and one thing is clear, she doesn’t feed him.

After his bath they put two plastic kid’s chairs together and set him down so his feet didn’t touch the ground. The sun was out today (the weather has been incredible) and he joked with his teacher “I’m just tanning at the beach” when they were done checking out his flea bites. I sat next to him and he took my sunglasses off, put them on and we raced two hot wheel cars he was given when he had to endure his bath. “Uno, Dos…Tres!”

The thing I love about Victor is not his story, but his happy little spirit through it all. This morning in our devotions we talked about what it looks like to be your same self everywhere. One thing really stood out to me: while on mission trips it’s easier to enjoy distractions. Even though the men on our team are installing stoves, when the little kids asked to be carried up a hill they gladly do it. They’re patient and they see the joy it brings those kids.

So it was pointed out, what if we were just as patient and just as willing to live in distractions in our everyday lives? What if I was joyful despite my circumstances like Victor? And what if I took time out of my day to spend with the Victors that I might normally just walk by? Looks like I still have a lot to learn about what it means to be patient in the every day...