Guatemala...not to be romanticized

So in case you haven't heard, I'm going to Guatemala.

I don't know how you wouldn't have heard, because I've been obsessed...almost in an irrational way, with excitement. I'm only going for a week (in February), but people, I'm stoked!!

I think part of it is, I want to be excited. This is my first trip with VisionTrust, my first "business trip" overseas, my first time going to Central's a lot of firsts. After a while, people get weary of traveling. But, I'm not hardened yet, I'm soft and gooey toward good ole Guatemala.

I think I'm also stoked (ps- stoked is my new word and so it's great) because people are supporting me, cheering me on, just as excited (okay maybe a little less) to hear what the Lord is doing through VisionTrust there. And to all of those people, really "thank-you" just doesn't seem like enough.

But I will say when I found out that I was going, I came across a little heart issue I needed to address. My first thought was "I'm going to actually get to do something!" Oh...wait...I'm actually doing something here in the states...I work for VisionTrust full time...I have people who support me that I truly believe are doing more than just something.

This realization brought me face to face with the fact that this year has been a hard "brain" transition for me because it's a common thought that if you're not out in another country doing work, the role you play is less important. False. Or maybe it's not that it's less important, but less interesting to others. I want to say that's false, but I don't know if I can (the unknown always seems a bit more entertaining). I've shared this quote before, but as I get closer to this trip I need a reminder:

"Following Jesus is not to be romanticized through impressive Facebook status updates or photos of exotic places on our blog. Discipleship is often ugly, messy and painful. Faithful service will regularly lead us into dull labors and bewildering struggles that would make unexciting press."

So yes, I'm going to Guatemala. And yes, I'm really excited. But, this trip doesn't take away the value of what I do every day and what you do every day. I love that the Lord can work in all circumstances, situations, people, and geographic locations.

(Stay tuned to hear specifics about what I'll actually be doing in Guatemala. In the meantime, you can check out what VisionTrust does in GT here.)