There's a crack in our ceiling.

It's a foot long and juts out from our ceiling fan, curving to the right and then the left. The only time I notice it is when I'm lying on my back in the living room staring mindlessly above me. But, the other day this crack got me thinking.

I've been noticing a lot of cracked places in my own life, places that I thought were patched up and pristine, but when I wasn't looking dark lines crept in...worry, discontent, fear, comparison...all spurning from my view of the future. 

I read a quote once that said when we imagine our future we  picture stress and worries, but we never picture God there with us.

I think that's my issue, I forget when I picture the future that God will be present...that together we'll handle the cracks as they come...that there will be days, just like today when I'm blown away by God's provision, power and love.

It just seems so much easier to forget instead of remember.

So, here's to patching, gluing, pasting, and wrestling with the cracks one memory at a time. Here's to hoping and trusting that tomorrow could be better than today. Here's to remembering that God is faithful.

PS (Awareness Time)- Bringing it back to poverty...if you want an example of God's faithfulness and of what hope turned into action can look like, take a peek at this


. The number of kids dying every day from preventable causes has been cut in half in only a generation's time. The future's looking bright!