Hey friend!

It took me months to write this "About Me" section because it feels like the first day of middle school all over again. You know, when you had to stand up in front of the class and share something unique about yourself? I never had a lot of hobbies or hidden talents, so I always ended up telling people my one unique saving grace — I don't have a middle name. I'm sure that fact brings as much shock and awe to you as you're reading this as it did to my class...I made friends eventually, I promise.

Things that might be good to know about me as you read my blog or look at my photos: I love Jesus, pancakes, a good chick flick, traveling, photography, sarcasm, and people. I'm passionate about serving people in poverty and work in the humanitarian relief sector. Oh and fair warning, I will fail grammatically and go a little comma crazy at points. 

If you take anything away from this page I want it to be that I'm really glad you're here! Thank you for taking time to come to my little corner of the world. I'd love to hear from you, so make sure to introduce yourself (even if it's first-day-of-middle-school style). If you want to talk photography feel free to email me at jenny.stoecker@gmail.com.

(PS- You might be thinking, "How the heck do I subscribe to this blog?" Tricky, I know. Here are the 2 best options- put the link to my blog in your RSS feed OR follow me on bloglovin'.)