"Haiti is like this..." {Photo Blog}

We were driving down a busy street in Port-au-Prince when our country director slammed on the brakes. He eased his way over a sharp speed bump and apologized saying, “Driving in Haiti is like this. There are obstacles you don’t see until they’re right in front of you. They’re not labeled.”

In just a few short sentences he had summed up working in Haiti. There are moments when everything is clear, it feels like you’re moving forward and communities are thriving. But then something unexpected happens — a natural disaster, an unexpected illness, deep-seeded lies being sewn. In the two short days I spent in Haiti this week I met a woman who had recently lost two children, one to cholera and one to something the doctors couldn’t explain. I heard about people refusing to send their children to a VisionTrust school because it was against Voodoo. I saw people living their daily lives in a level of poverty that is still difficult to comprehend, even after working in majority world countries for five years.

But, for me, each of those stories was countered by the amazing locals I met that have dedicated their lives to creating long-term change. They know that unexpected obstacles will come, but they are fiery and steadfast in their determination to bring God’s Kingdom to earth. I was humbled by every conversation I had with them.

In the midst of hard there is always good. So, they will keep doing this work and I will continue to pray for them as they serve these precious children. Join me?  

Must Eat Sweets in Edinburgh

I've often been complimented on my ability to eat sweets. I've also been told that the first step is admitting you have a problem. Well my friends, I just can't because how can a problem taste this good?! I'll keep this short and sweet (enjoy the pun), because these goodies can speak for themselves. If you're ever in Edinburgh you must try:


This place has gelato that's unlike any I've ever had. Its creamy consistency and unique flavors draw lines year round (but don't let the line hold you back, it's worth the wait). I recommend the dark chocolate and salted caramel. 

LOVECRUMBS {Cakes & Tarts}

Lovecrumbs is a local favorite because, well, look at these treats. Everything served here is vegan, but don't let that deter you, these cakes are a-mazing.

THE CHOCOLATE TREE {Hot Chocolate & Churros}

The great thing about Scottish weather is that hot chocolate is always appropriate. Escape the cool weather by sippin' on some of the sweetest hot chocolate you'll ever come into contact with at The Chocolate Tree. While they have a variety of flavors, I recommend the tried and true original. Just keep in mind, this stuff is not for the faint of heart.

PINNIES & POPPY SEEDS {Shortbread & Donuts}

I was lured into Pinnies by a sign outside the shop that said, "We have stuff with butter." Need I say more? You can never go wrong with a £1 cookie. Did I mention on Thursdays they have donuts? I didn't, oh, my mistake. THEY HAVE DONUTS ON THURSDAYS. 


It's only when they hand you a slice of this cheesecake and you feel its weight that you can comprehend the amount of heaven you're about to ingest. Rumor on the street is they also have amazing milkshakes. I can only imagine.


Don't let that red lipstick fool you, these milkshakes are drool-worthy. As if a cookies and cream shake isn't enough, there are toasted marshmallows within.

Eat your heart out.